Preparing your home for sale


  • Sort things into three categories. Things moving with you. Things to donate. Things to discard.
  • Ask for guidance from those you trust to be honest.Your agent will be impartial.
  • Look beyond what the eye can see. Clutter likes to hide in corners, on shelves and under beds. A prospective buyer will open cupboards and snoop into nooks and crannies to check out storage and other features. Make sure they get the best impression.
  • Get a jump start on packing for your new place. Stack those trinkets away and you’ll be ready to invite buyers through your home before you know it. Personal items should be stowed first, keeping any lovely items of neutral decor till last.
  • Create space in the kitchen by clearing surfaces. Let the buyer see your counter tops, walls, even the fridge door. Don’t just shove items into another cupboard.
  • Leave some space in cupboards. Even if their contents are impeccably neat, buyers will want them to feel spacious, and be able to picture their own things in there.
  • The kids aren’t immune. Children’s toys and teenage posters aren’t usually effective property marketing. Cull ruthlessly and store things out of sight.
  • Store boxes you’ve packed until that SOLD sign goes up. Make sure they’re not visible to people inspecting your home.


Make any aesthetic repairs well before inspection. Things as small as a chip of paint in an interior wall could detract from the overall feel for the home, so get these things up-to-date before your open home.


  • Clean the bathroom/s and kitchen thoroughly and ensure that there is no mould.
  • Repair any damp spots.
  • Fix any signs of sagging ceilings.
  • Repair any cracks in the interior walls.
  • Use indoor plants to liven up rooms.
  • Set the kitchen or dining table with place settings.
  • Clean windows and ensure an air flow through the property
  • Open curtains.
  • Make sure all the beds are made.
  • Remove loose items from the floor.
  • Cover worn furniture with strategically placed cushions.
  • Remove the pets.
  • Use some subtle deodorisers – oil burners are better than incense.
  • Turn the television off.


  • Make sure the front gate works, after all this will provide the very first impression.
  • Freshen the front fence with a splash of paint.
  • Mow the lawn a few days before inspection.
  • Cover weeds with pine bark or another similar ground cover.
  • Repair rusty roof gutters.
  • Clean the pool and remove the pool vacuum.
  • Keep animal food bowls away from entry ways and ensure they are clean.
  • Repair fences to the property.
  • De-Clutter outdoor carports and sheds.
  • Tidy garage
  • Remove redundant equipment from the property i.e. old farm machinery or plant that is not in use.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. There are so many little ways in which you can maximise the instant appeal of your home. The effort and expenditure you put into preparing it for sale can be an extremely profitable use of time and money.